Admissions Mentoring

Applying to college and deciding which school to attend is one of the most important decisions that your child will have to face in their early career.


Mentoring Options


Early Start - 9th and 10th Graders

Planning is key. For students seeking to apply to highly competitive schools, proactive, focused planning is essential to later success.

Early Start Mentoring is designed to guide your student through the initial years of high school, assisting with course selection, summer planning, and resume building in order to make your student's application the strongest it can be.


Focused Guidance - 11th Graders

Junior Year is a common time for students to begin thinking seriously about the college admissions process. As such, it is also one of the busiest years that your student will face. 

Focused Guidance Mentoring will give your student the resources necessary to stay aware, on track, and dedicated to success during a trying academic time.

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Final Submission - 12th Graders

Finish strong. Senior Year can be a hectic time. Final Submission Mentoring helps students to complete the process of applying to college, and then, choose their ideal school once admissions decisions are released. 

Final Submission Mentoring includes everything from the abstract to the nitty gritty, helping your student to stay on top of application deadlines, multiple essays, college supplements, recommendation requests, interview preparation and more.

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Previous Acceptances

Former mentoring students have been offered admission to the following schools:

Getting Started with Admissions Mentoring

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