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The Last Minute Applying to College Guide: How to Finish Your College Application Essay

This short procrastinator's handbook is a great guide for anyone working to finish the college application essay, a great tool for procrastinators and long term planners alike. This book is meant to be a crash course in revision for high school seniors working to put the final touches on existing application essays. It contains several quick guides and examples meant to teach how to edit an essay in the final stages before submission.


The Step By Step Applying to College Guide: Planning

While there is no one “right” way to apply to college, there are strategies to employ that will help position your student to have the best success their application journey. As admissions gets more competitive, the familiar steps of highlighting a student’s unique skills, and emphasizing unique qualities becomes more difficult. For better or worse, this is your student’s best chance to present their skills and qualities in an enticing, straightforward manner. Don’t waste it!


The Step By Step Applying to College Guide: Test Prep

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